Internet TV? No Thanks.


Thus ended the ill-fated Roku 4 experiment in exactly 4 days.

It was also the 4th Internet TV gizmo I tried that did not live up to the hype and expectations. It just made it clear as a cloudless day that cord-cutting is still wishful thinking for folks like me. But, that’s not what the tech media would like us to believe. So, what did I do wrong? Turns out, not much.

Technically, my first foray into the Internet TV world began with a Mac Mini when I decided to live with just Netflix and Youtube, but let’s let the desperate student life slide, shall we? After we moved to The City, I started with a cable subscription and it quickly became apparent that we were just throwing monies on Messrs. Time & Warner. So, we cut cable for the first time and went with a Mac Mini and Samsung Smart TV combo. We did persist with this combo for quite some time, but that’s when we were discovering the phenomenon of binge-watching.

My first Internet TV device was the Boxee Box, which promised much and looked like a thousand bucks. It had a great user interface, but it became apparent very soon that this was hardly the Promised Land. There wasn’t much one could do with it after exploring the now-ubiquitous Netflix and a few other apps. To make matters worse, the company behind Boxee folded soon after I bought the device and I was left with a dud that costed $150.

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